Bagley Days

About the Muralist
Dedication Date: February 15, 1997
Locaton: Historic Plaza

Homesteaders Frank and Helen Bagley arrived with their three sons on Thanksgiving Day 1927, when Twentynine Palms was little more than an oasis beckoning in the sun. They had filed on a 160-acre homestead, setting up house in an 18- by 18-foot garage, which soon became the town's first general store when local miners and homesteaders began asking them to lend out or pick up supplies. Outside they installed a gas pump to always be ready for trips "down below." The plaza, which grew up around Bagley's Market, soon became the social center of the community--offering food and sundries, gas station, post office, notary service, library, and the first telephone switchboard. This 12- by 100-foot mural was painted by Dan and Janis Sawatzky of Chemainus, B.C., at 5653 Historic Plaza (Video Connection). Dedicated: April 26, 1997.

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