Bill & Prudie Underhills and The Desert Trail

About the Muralist
Dedication Date: February 15, 1997
Locaton: Desert Trail

After serving in WWI, the urge to homestead brought Bill Underhill to Twentynine Palms in 1928. He helped build roads and the first public swimming pool, and was active in the first local American Legion Post 729. Bill's desire to help the community led him to establish a weekly newspaper--The Desert Trial. The 4-page inaugural issue was published April 18, 1935, and proclaimed Bill's motto "Watch Twentynine Palms Grow!" In 1941, Bill married Prudence Mason of Pasadena. Over the years, Prudie helped Bill with the newspaper, and together they built the first indoor movie theater, drive-in theater and roller rink. Bill was an originator of Pioneer Days and the annual Old Timers' Reunion, which was first held at the couple's home in 1960. Painted by Susan Smith Evans of Palm Desert, this 10- by 40-foot mural is on The Desert Trail building, 6396 Adobe Road. Dedicated: November 15, 1997.

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