Desert Wildflowers

About the Muralist
Dedication Date: May 20, 2000
Locaton: Hart's Furniture

This is the third nature-themed mural in our Twentynine Palms "Oasis of Murals" series. This time our beautiful Mojave Desert wildflowers are honored in larger-than-life, full color portraits of reds, yellows, whites, blues, and purples. Each spring the desert valley comes into bloom, with desert primroses, desert lilies, lupine, encelia, verbena, blooming cactus, yuccas and Joshua trees, and other local flora. Some years produce more prolific wildflower blooms than others, depending upon the amount of rainfall in the preceding winter season. Even during dry years when the desert floor appears barren, blooms are usually evident in the high altitudes of neighboring Joshua Tree National Park, which borders Twentynine Palms to the south, encompassing 800,000 acres within its protective boundaries. This 12-foot high by 60-foot long mural is painted in a series of wildflower vignettes, set against a backdrop of the giant rock outcroppings of the national park. Created by artist Dan Kelly of Yucca Valley, CA, the work was painted on the west wall of Hart's Furniture, 73617 29 Palms Hwy. Dedicated: May 20, 2000.

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