Desert Wildlife

About the Muralist
Dedication Date: October 23, 1999
Locaton: Treasure Chest

Our resident fauna are honored in this Desert Wildlife mural, which features giant, realistic portraits of coyotes, roadrunners, ravens, big-horn sheep, a family of quail, plus a larger-than-life owl, jack rabbit, ground squirrel, lizard, scorpion, snake, and desert tortoise. The mural is a tribute to the desert critters who dwell in our high desert valley or inhabit the neighboring Joshua Tree National Park, which borders Twentynine Palms to the south, encompassing 800,000 acres and many species of wildlife within its protective boundaries. This 15-foot high by 60-foot long mural is painted in a series of vignettes, with some of the desert animals seen in action and some portrayed against a backdrop of their natural environment, and includes blooming cactus and a borderline across the entire top of the mural painted in real gold leaf . Created by artist Chuck Caplinger of Twentynine Palms, CA, the work was painted on the west wall of The Treasure Chest building, 72252 29 Palms Hwy. Dedicated: October 23, 1999.

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