Early Life at the Oasis of Mara

About the Muralist
Dedication Date: March 25, 1995
Locaton: 29 Palms Liquors

The life-giving waters of this lush palm oasis provided much-needed sustenance for Native Americans and early settlers of the hi-desert, and is still considered the original heart of Twentynine Palms. In this 17- by 80-foot rendering, Cahuilla Indians gather and work in and near the water, a Cahuilla woman offers the exquisite baskets for which the tribe was known, and first surveyor Col. Henry Washington and his assistant conduct a desert survey. Located at the corner of National Park Drive and 29 Palms Highway (29 Palms Liquors), this mural was painted by Ron Croci of Honolulu, Hawaii, and Robert Caughlan III of San Francisco. Dedicated: March 25, 1995.

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