Flash Floods of the 40s

About the Muralist
Dedication Date: June 13, 1998
Locaton: Peking Inn

Before construction of the flood control channel in 1969 by the County of San Bernardino, with the assistance of local engineer Bill Hatch, raging flash flood waters used to wash across this land. Flowing down from 49 Palms Canyon, in what is now Joshua Tree National Park, the water would rush out to where 29 Palms Highway is now located, continue east around Donnell Hill, and down through the center of downtown 29 Palms. While business owners lamented this deluge with its rushing waters ruining their stores, the children of town would joyously ride the waves in their inner-tubes and boats. This 18- by 40-boot mural portrays, in a series of vignettes, the famous desert flash flood days of the 1940s. Painted by artist Art Mortimer of Santa Monica, CA, the mural is located at 6248 Adobe Road, on the north facing wall of the Peking Inn. Dedicated: June 13, 1998.

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