Johnnie Hastie & The 29 Palms Stage

About the Muralist
Dedication Date: February 15, 1997
Locaton: Superior Automotive

Starting in 1938, Johnnie Hastie provided public transportation from the desert to "down below." He built his first bus from a used 1928 Chevrolet truck, adding a wooden body, seats for 12 passengers and a sturdy roof to haul cargo. During winter a stove onboard provided warmth from wood that his passengers had gathered. When tires and gas were rationed during World War II, Johnnie filled endless shopping requests in Banning, hauling ladies dresses, restaurant and mining supplies, even live chickens. He also served as a courier for local businesses until the first bank opened in Twentynine Palms. When Johnnie retired in 1973, he had driven over seven million accident-free miles. This 13- by 32-foot tribute was painted by artist Tim O'Connor of Twentynine Palms at 73339 29 Palms Highway (Superior Automotive). Dedicated: February 15, 1997.

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