Sculpture #1

About the Sculptor
Dedication Date: May 2, 1999
Locaton: Old Schoolhouse Museum

Joshua Tree National Park, which borders Twentynine Palms to the south, is one of the most popular rock climbing areas in the world. More than 4,500 established climbs, offering a wide range of difficulty, are located within the park's 794,993 acres. Approximately 1.4 million people visit Joshua Tree National Park each year, many of them rock climbers. "Sky Climbers" was created as a tribute to those rock climbers who have long benefitted from an intimate relationship with Joshua Tree National Park's topography and the hundreds of giant monzonite monoliths that can be found within its boundaries. The three-panel freestanding sculpture, with 11-foot high by 5-foot wide copper and steel panels, depicts three climbers as they accept the challenge of climbing, test themselves by climbing higher and reaching farther, and experience the ultimate balance between mind and body. Created by artist Steve Rieman of Yucca Valley, CA, the work was installed on the grounds of the Historical Society's Old Schoolhouse Museum, 6760 National Park Drive. Dedicated: May 2, 1999.

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